The creativity of advertising has been one of the most curious phenomena to analyze if one takes the trouble to read the large literature available. In this section I will deal with the review of how the creative believes himself and how they explain their creative process model.

More unbelievable is that a subject who just writes slogans can be defined as a self-creative. I don’t have anything against it, but simply I look at it as a presumptuous act. It suggests that it constitutes the core of the advertising activity, when it’s just a piece of the gear, one small piece but, a necessary and important piece.

It should be recognized that the copy-writer -I prefer to use these definition- plays an important role, as an actor if I draw a parallel with a movie. Perhaps maybe this has conditioned much of the literature on advertising creativity writed by “copys”, it exists a huge difference between been the “star” or one of the protagonists.

After making this introduction, it only remains for me to expose one of my personal challenges (that shape -now almost ten years ago, in a friend’s office, copy-writer, while we were sharing a pleasant time with another old friend, an experienced Business Consultant) is to design a tool that supports and assists the copy-writer and the art director in their creative process.

Finally, one sentence of Altarriba (2005) that reflects the enormous difficulties that I will find along this unknowned and winding road:

Maybe we conclude that the creative advertising concept exists, but it is difficult to explain their cause.