Averroes, arabian philosopher, astronomer and writter on jurisprudence; born at Cordova 1126; died at Morocco, 1198.

Averroes may be the father of the advertising. Why the copy-writers who publish about the “nobility” of the profession, they obvious to him? They -the copy-writers- based their theories of the origin of the advertising in the Greek Rhetorics, and in eariler authors as Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, and another -neocon(?)- models -that obvied Claussevitz for example- to build yuour concept of their art or science. But Averroes is not included, perhaps that he was Arab or Muslim?

Averroes -pursuived for the own Muslims- battled for a Society-Religion law integration. He was a Classic Greek good translator as well. He argued that the philosopher is not above the society, is part of it. The “oratory” is the vehicle to communicate with Good -in the religious context of the society of those days,- and the “rhetoric” is the vehicle to reach the masses.

This demystifies the profession … and puts it in its current context. Another issue is the copy-writer’s, art director and academic efforts to define the advertising as a science or art based in the greek “Classics”. We should not forget that much of his knowledge-and a lot much- was acquired through the efforts of many Jews and Arabs translators over time.

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