The Bibliography is the search, identification, description and classification of printed documents, in order to establish a reference appropriate to facilitate intellectual work.1

The bibliography2 is to search for materials by consulting the sources of information, identifying themselves by verifying their existence and the analysis of each document and its description, by adopting a particular policy.

The scheme of Pensato3 reflects the process of developing a reference, organized into three levels:

  • cultural or preliminary,
  • technical, or methodology and techniques of bibliographic work and
  • typographical-publishing, as its printed representation.

Or expressed in other words, we must plan, compiling and presenting the reference4 .

The model proposed by Pensato can be summarized5 as follows

  1. Elaboration and delineation of the object
  2. Search and collected material
  3. Identification and weighting of the collected material
  4. Choosing the method of the document, its range of references and annotations.
  5. Indexation
  6. Formal presentation and printing.

“The quality of the work of one machine is always the result of the technic or specialist that feed it. The search for basic documents, their choice, their analysis, the ranking criteria [used], constitute the major part of the bibliographic work that no electronic brain can make.” 6


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