The increasing of the data availability, due the IT  progress, does not translate into a better understanding of the technological and economic advantages nor greater visibility of strategic alternatives to be applied.

No operator, and more so the SMEs, has all the necessary information and he only, has the means to achieve it, processing and interpretation. Much of this information are the public authorities, universities, research centers, etc.. Who produce or possess.
It is true that in large companies and multinationals, such practices are fairly common.

The collection of strategic information, its dissemination and protection have not acquired enough maturity in Europe. The main obstacles are social differences, fear of competition and secrecy, which hinder the emergence of synergies between businesses and governments, and among states.

The Open Innovation must be the vehicle that enhances the development of disseminating knowledge through transfers its collaborative essence, its research products with flexible and dynamic mechanisms, which adapt to the constant evolution of the society.