The kidnapping of three cooperating Catalans in Mauritania has caused many different reactions among the civilian population, politics and the media. My warmth and support aimed at the families concerned and troubled by what might happen in three of its members, with the aggravating circumstance of the arrival of the specific date so indicated. I hope that will soon be home safe and sound.

Anyway, I have a little exercise in analysis of the event, from the mind of who “organize” the kidnapping, given the lack of security measures of the  humanitarian caravan:

  • Two vehicles all-terrain light camouflage army-only painted-charge to stop the last vehicle.
  • Should be a off-road, one of them wait until the breaking of the road.
  • Once kidnapped aid workers, two vehicles meet at the meeting point on the road to transfer them.
  • The vehicle “bait” had undone the way, then climb east towards to Mali with a track-shot-conspicuously.
  • The second vehicle with the kidnappeds, road could climb the north or south, there is almost a trace visible.
  • Going north or south to a maximum distance of 20 km had changed car, truck or van (the third car).
  • The third vehicle would go west, or east, towards the coast, there are a lot of fishing villages.
  • To coincide with the time of departure of the boats (there is plenty of time), we had embarked.

Thus there is no trace (or almost) and gain a day to prepare for landing in a safe place.

The cost of preparing such an operation is nothing compares the potential benefit € 3-5 billions.